Strange Spaces

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

An itinerary festival
for transcultural performing
art realities

With StrangeSpaces the role of artists in the local community is reflected as a vehicle for change. Individual artistic expression becomes a way to spread a wider message, underlining the need for a more inclusive and fairer society, within communities whose native language is not the national one.



Stange Spaces will result in a touring festival emphasising the role of cross-cultural encounters and underlining the possible alternatives for sustainable and democratic international performing art.


Local artists will perform in their native language celebrating the encounter with the “other” and with different identities within their communities and countries.

The link with Teater Pi

Teater Pi originates from the effort of bringing together the Italian culture and other cultures, so it wants to contribute to the international development of performing arts.


Also, Samuele Caldognetto, founder of Teater Pi, graduated in a Master degree in International performing art field with a project for a transcultural performing arts festival.

All Hands In

Why should you join?

StrangeSpaces is a festival that belongs to everybody, it is a place for an encounter, where all diversities, in the effort of meeting each others, find a common denominator.


This encounter form this place, this view, the history and you. You can see yourself in there.

Even if it is not you.

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