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About us

Teater Pi, theater group gathered together in fun poses

Our vision

Teater Pi originates from the effort of bringing together the Italian culture
and other cultures, through a model of theater that is at the same time unconventional, free and multi-medial.

We want to contribute to the international development of performing arts
through a production that combines classical and experimental themes
into new expression forms.

Our roots

Teater Pi was born in Stockholm in 2010 with the aim to bring the Italian culture to the spotlights of the Swedish theater’s scene.

Teater Pi’s performances are based on texts of Italian authors, including those of some group’s members.

Teater Pi's founders, crossing their swords
Actors on the stage during a workshop

Our methods

Teater Pi aims to a sustainable and egalitarian model of performing arts, above all through new cooperative relationships among its members, i.e. all those who share our vision and the interest for a genuine trans-cultural exchange.


Our search of unconventional spaces outside the classic theater scene makes the encounter with the public a pivotal element in our performances.


Our scenography is essential, in line with the challenge posed by “reduce-recycle-reuse”.

All the above characteristics raise TeaterPi to a unique reality in the international landscape of performing arts.

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