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Theatre workshop


For four Sundays:

17 September

24 September

01 October

08 October

From 11:00 to 14:00


Folkuniversitet Stockholm

Kungstensgatan 45, 113 59 Stockholm



Of which 500 for TeaterPi membership

and 100 as administrative cost

What is it about?

Using a combination of improvisational technique, Stanislavsky's method, and Artaud's technique, the instructor will highlight your strengths and push you to places that will surprise you!


The course will also be valuable for developing life skills, whether you want to pursue acting continuously, as an amateur, or professionally. The simple act of presenting yourself in front of people every week and trying something new teaches you a lot about yourself and how you relate to others.


Hopefully, this enables you to strengthen the areas you feel are weak and rediscover talents that have been dormant for a while!

Topics included

Exploring the use of voice and body in acting
Finding playfulness and fun in performance through improvisation

Building confidence for performance
Rehearsing a scene from a play or film

Workshop steps

- Body Relaxation: In this first step of the course, we focus on relaxation exercises to ground, concentrate, and open the body to breathing, speaking, and moving on stage.
- Breathing: The second step involves finding proper, relaxed, and focused breathing to eventually use the full power of your voice. There is a powerful voice in each of us, but very often, it's trapped in tension and bad pronunciation habits. Breathing correctly is the first step in finding 'your' voice.
- Voice: With a relaxed body and relaxed breathing, we now move on to vocal exercises that allow us to find our true voice and tone, freeing the vocal cords and tensions in the head, neck, jaw, and chest.
- Body in Relation to Space: In this step, we explore the body in relation to the space around us, learning how to 'fill' the room while interacting with those around us.
- Improvisation: An introduction to the basic rules of improvisation. What is improvisation and the different styles and methods that apply.
- Approach to a Text with Stanislavsky's Method: Text analysis, reading a text, objectives. Trying out a text in front of people.
- Creating a Character: Different methods and techniques to create a believable character.
- Working on a Scene: In this final step of the course, we work on a dialogue from either a film or a play that we present in front of the group.

I'm in! How do I sign up?

Send us an email with your information at:

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