A nonprofit artistic association

We produce theatre performances in Italian and want to contribute, locally and internationally, to the development of performing arts through a multi-medial and trans-cultural theater model.

Two actors on scene

 We are Teater Pi 

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An actress on stage making Italian gestures

We do theater 
in Italian 🇮🇹

Language is a central part of the artistic expression in our performances, which is why
we always are “multi-lingual” on stage: for instance, through subtitles, or through direct translation, or by borrowing the public’s own language, and in many other ways.

A sustainable, international performing art initiative

Teater Pi throughout its production stands for:

performing arts with a multi-medial and meta-theater perspective; multi-lingual expression for “rootless” people; professional engagement of “street-professionals”. Above all: this is a sustainable initiative that takes the motto

reduce-recycle- reuse” in its literal sense.

Next play

Play in Italian 🇮🇹 with Swedish 🇸🇪 and English 🇬🇧 support


∞ Infinite

In 9 rooms we will walk through time, its shapes and its reaching towards the infinite.


We will update and publish more detailed information about place and dates as we will know more about any possible covid restriction.

Place 🌎 

To be defined

Date 🗓

February 2022

Price 💸

To be defined