Pi began as a diverse group of people in which theatre, live music, photography, cinema, painting and sculpture overlap and interpenetrate in an innovative and experimental art that takes shape in our shows.

Our common ground is the Italian language, together with a desire not to make our cultural background a thing of the past but rather to start from it and look ahead. A search for contact and dialogue with the international environment and, in particular, with the country hosting us and that has become ours, too, is also among our endeavours.

The theatre group was founded in January 2010 when two friends resolved to continue with something that got interrupted some time before their departure for Stockholm: theatre in Italian. Their wish to give voice to their culture and history, as well as their stories, became of interest to the members who have been joining the group since then, bringing their own artistic experience. The group keeps growing, allowing a constant flow of new ideas and experiences, which shows enthusiasm and a desire to communicate and listen. 

The first show was staged as early as June 2010 - “La Signorina Papillon” (literally, Miss Papillon) by Stefano Benni, one of the most important contemporary Italian authors. The success of this performance is just the beginning. A willingness to improve and learn more about the various acting techniques pushes Pi to the next step - that is training. A course arranged by Samuele Caldognetto - a professional who has been working in the field for long now - led the group and its members to be more aware of how to play remaining serious, as children, in the great play that is the theatre.

Meanwhile, in January 2011, the group brought to the stage its second performance, “Novecento” (literally, 1900) by Alessandro Baricco, another renowned Italian writer. This monologue, starring a single actor, involved the work of other seven people and met with an even greater success, with audience and critics alike.

Currently the group is working on the staging of “Il bar sotto la neve”, which was inspired (at least in the title, literally The Snowed-Under Coffee Bar) by Stefano Benni´s short stories collection “Il bar sotto il mare” (literally, The Coffee Bar Under the Sea”). This is a complex and challenging work, with an innovative approach to directing, ten people involved and the use of live music (as in the previous performances) and photography, all converging in a single circle of communication. 

Here is the true essence of a Greek letter – - it is no accident that Greece was the birthplace of the Western theatre - which is an irrational number with no end, binding and uniting, as the resulting circle, inside which there is a whole world to tell and discover.


She says she likes the nickname 'Mastiff' better. But we all know that she's a baby sitter.

Santa Lucia

Such an interpretation had never been seen before. EVER.

Mister G

Gabriele? Gioele? Guido? Giulio? Gaetano? Gregorio? Goffredo? Geronimo?


He travels, is deeply interested in culture, travels, speaks several languages, travels, roots for Udinese and travels.


Never make him coffee. Nothing is ever good enough for him, if not a parmy fried three times.


She smokes like a chimney and speaks Spanish. But deep down she's Calabrian to the core.


Rumor has it he hides a Batman costume in his closet. He'll bring bad luck, for sure.


He'd like to move to Älvsjö but he won't because he doesn't know how it's pronounced. 


It's said he's got no taste buds. That he'll never starve to death is the only thing we're sure of.


She says she comes from Sicily but her hometown's name sounds Greek and she cannot make arancini.


She grew up with Tsatsiki and Retsina... but when she orders a Moussaka no one understands her.


BEWARE! DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS! Everything he says is a bad of bull****!

Lil' Paolo

He watches you, he listens to you and keeps quiet... But you know he's been taking notes all along. 


She's our youngest, and that is to say she's still too naive to fully understand how bad of a mistake joining us was.


She's good, she's nice, she's kind. All good qualities for a teacher. But that's about to change.

Still Waters

She says she's shy but she throws herself into the fray. And above all... she offends us. Every single one of us. Now, wasn't she the quiet one?!

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